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We Are MyYour

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to bridge the gap between property owners and the TV, film and photography industry.

To this end, MyYour connects location owners and those seeking film locations, enabling both parties to discuss and negotiate without the need for a third party or agency.

A Different Approach

Everyone says that they’re different, but it’s how we differ and what it means to you that matter.

Our unique location marketplace enables direct communication between location or vehicle owners and people actively searching for film or TV locations.

The MyYour platform removes the need for middlemen, such as film location agencies, making the location sourcing process simpler, quicker and cheaper for filmmakers and TV companies.

For the first time ever, location and vehicle owners have an incredible, inexpensive, easy, opportunity to make a huge amount of extra money and receive massive exposure - no experience necessary.

The Team

MyYour is managed by a committed team of people. We’re constantly striving to make MyYour the easiest, most efficient location and vehicle finding platform.

We will over-deliver when we can, providing our clients and community with more than their money’s worth, and work hard to provide free resources, advice, and support to our community.

Our focus is on you. By listening, anticipating and responding to your needs we aim to bring you the results you want.

Enough about us, you are our priority.

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