Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is MyYour?

MyYour is the platform to advertise, and search for, properties and vehicles for the film, TV and photo industry. MyYour is powered by owners, not agents, which saves time and money.

Why is MyYour different from an agency?

MyYour is not an agency. MyYour members contact each other directly.

How does the keyword search work?

Keywords are assigned to listings by the MyYour team. This ensures that listings show up in relevant searches. When searching, keywords narrow down the results helping you to find exactly what you’re looking for. When listing, it is important to show as many features of the property or vehicle as possible in order for us to tag them.

Should I e-mail MyYour when a booking is made? 

We always love to hear how our members are getting on and welcome any feedback about your MyYour experience. Please let us know if there’s something we could be doing better.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to email us: For general enquiries - For support -

owner’s FAQ

Why should I hire out my property/vehicle out for filming?

Good question! There are too many reasons to list here, read our article to learn about the benefits.

Where are properties and vehicles needed?

The short answer is, anywhere and everywhere! We have properties and vehicles listed worldwide with thousands of shoots taking place everyday.

What type of properties and vehicles are needed?

Anything and everything! Every time you turn on your TV or open a magazine, you will see how many different properties and vehicles play important roles in various films, TV shows and fashion shoots. We’re talking houseboats, flats, country houses, townhouses, maisonettes, apartments, cottages, villas, tree-houses, council flats, bungalows,  mobile homes, shops, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, cafes, schools, student halls, bike sheds, fields, offices, farms, cars, bikes, planes, tractors, caravans…the list goes on…you name it!

Is my property good enough?

This is the most commonly asked question. The simple answer is ‘yes!’. You only need to turn on the TV or flick through a magazine to see the vast array of properties being used as shoot locations. Location scouts are always after fresh new places for filming - from empty warehouses to country mansions to council flats…you never know, your property could be exactly what they are looking for next.

Can I hire out part of my property?

There are no rules about how much or how little you can advertise on MyYour. You can add your entire property or a single room, just remember to specify in your listing how much of your property is available.

What if I do not own the property but I represent it instead?

If you do not own the property or vehicle, we advise that you check with the registered owner or landlord before listing the property with MyYour.

Can I list my house even if I live in it?

Of course! Most of the properties on MyYour are residential homes.

Who uses MyYour and why?

Searching MyYour saves time and money for media professionals such as location managers, photographers, property managers and producers. There are over 750 listings online and there is no charge to search the library.

What could my property/vehicle be used for?

It could be any kind of TV/film or photo shoot. From a small student project to a fashion photoshoot to a Hollywood blockbuster. The sky’s the limit! Enquiries are made everyday for a wide variety of shoots.

How much does it cost to list something on MyYour?

This depends on your chosen plan.

Wherever you’re listing, it’s about the same price as a coffee… Basic listings are £3 (that’s roughly $4.50) per month and Premium listings are £6 (about $9) per month.

There’s no contract, so you’re free to upgrade or cancel your plan at any point.

Click here to view our pricing plan and choose the one that’s right for you.

How much should I charge clients to hire my property/vehicle?

Rates vary between listings, it largely depends on the type of your property/vehicle and what it will be used for. Click here to read our pricing guide.

Do I have to pay MyYour when I take a booking?

No. We do not take any commission when a listing is chosen for a shoot, 100% of the fee you collect goes straight into your pocket.

How do I get paid?

We recommend that you secure payment prior to the shoot taking place. Property and vehicle owners should be paid directly by the client. It is up to you to negotiate the best way to do this, whether it’s cash, cheque or bank transfer. Whichever method you choose, you should expect payment ahead of the shoot.

Do I have to pay tax on the money I make?

It depends on your financial circumstances, your local tax office or accountant can advise you on this. 

Do I have any obligations once I have listed my property on MyYour?

You choose which shoots you accept. You are free to edit your listing, or account at any time. We ask that you keep your listing and images up to date as clients will expect the listing to clearly represent the current state of the property or vehicle. For example, has that blue sofa been changed to red?

How do I get my vehicle to the shoot?

Most owners take the vehicle to the shoot themselves.

What if something goes wrong on the shoot?

This is a rare occurrence, however, all clients should have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) as standard to cover any loss or damage on the day.

I have listed my property/vehicle, do I need insurance for shoots?

It is advisable to inform your insurance company of what you are doing. If the client needs to drive your vehicle then additional cover should be arranged. Clients should have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) in place for all shoots.

What happens on shoot day?

This is the fun part, click here to learn all about the day ahead.

How long does it take to create a listing?

The record is three minutes!

Do I need photos to create a listing?

Yes. Your listing will not be approved without at least two photos. Ideally you should upload as many as possible.

Do I need professional photos?

Photos are the most important part of your listing on MyYour. Taking professional looking photos is now easier than ever as most phones will take good quality images. As long as your photos are clear and represent what you are listing then there is no need to hire a professional photographer. We do, however, have some top tips on how to take great photos on our blog.

How many images can I add?

The more photos the better! The number of images you can upload depends on the package you have chosen. Basic listings allow space for five photos, while Premium has room for twenty. The more you show prospective clients of your property/vehicle the more desirable they are likely to find it.

Is it difficult to upload photos?

It’s easy peasy; you can upload multiple files in one go, as well as drag and drop them into an order that best suits your property or vehicle.

How do I add more images?

You can amend any aspect of your your listing at any time via ‘edit my listing’ on your account page. This includes upgrading your package to add space for more images. Please note, editing a listing means it goes back to the team for a quick review.

What format should my photos be in?

Your images should be JPEGs at least 1000 pixels high or wide in size. If this sounds a bit technical, don’t worry, most cameras, including iPhones, are set up to take photos in this format.

My photos won’t upload…what should I do?

If you’re having trouble uploading images, double check that they are the right size and file type. For more persistent problems, email and we’ll get you up and running as soon as possible.

Is there a delay between uploading your listing and it going live on the site?

You can expect your listing to be live on the site within 24 hours. Once you have completed your listing it is sent over to us where we handpick keywords to match your vehicle or property, this is to make sure that it shows up in all the relevant searches. There's also a brief review of your listing should you choose to update it once it's live.

Once I have finished my listing can I change anything?

Yes, by logging into your account. You can make changes to your listing at any time once it is live, though please note it will briefly go to the MyYour team for review.

I want my listing to appear at the top of the search page.

Then you want to go Premium! Search results are tiered depending on which package you opted for. Our Premium listings appear at the top of search pages as well as on our home page, giving your listing lots of exposure.

Searcher’s FAQ

When can I begin searching?

Straight away! You do not need to sign up to begin searching on MyYour. If you wish to contact an owner or create a listing then you will be asked to become a MyYour member.

How do I contact an owner?

Owners have the option to list their telephone number alongside their email address when they create a listing. To contact an owner, you need to be a member, which is free. You can then reach the owner directly from their listing’s page.

Do I have to pay MyYour when I make a booking?

No. We do not charge a booking fee.

I have booked a property/vehicle, do I need insurance for the shoot?

You will need PLI (Public Liability Insurance), this covers any accidental damage.